The DLH Commodore 64 Floppy Collection

Name: David Haynes

Nick: DLH

Original nick was 'The Kid DLH'

Infinity! Cracking Corporation (ICC) was a group me and a friend 'Soldier Boy' formed in 1986-1988.


My background: I started off with a Vic-20 not long after it came out. Summer of 1983 I mowed 10 yards a week after school so I could buy a Commodore 64. My dad got orders and was stationed at Ramstein AB, Germany in the middle of my junior year of high school. Took BASIC, Fortran and Pascal in high school. I worked on base after school at the audio/photo/computer store selling computers over the next few years. The store carried Epson HX-20, QX-10, Kaypro, Osborne, Zenith 100 & 150, Apple IIe, IIc, Commodore 64, Vextrex, and classic Mac's and a few others. Rarely a day went by without someone dropping off some disks for me or picking some up.

The base had a large commodore users group which met on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Thursday's. Ironically looking back I was elected to be the librarian. Data Becker actually came a few times demoing products.  Remember them demoing ADA and a BASIC Cartridge.

I met 'Gio' from Landsthul who worked at the local computer store.  Gio always seemed to have the latest Dynamic-Duo releases which was nice... Saw my first Amiga 1000 at the store and before I left Germany I had 10 or so amiga 3.5" disks because I knew I had to have it!! Flight Simulator II and Marble Madness are the two that I remember the most.

Also met Barry 'BAF' from the Netherlands. He was in 'Boys without Brains' BWB and then Softrunner Group. I mail traded 64 and Amiga software with him for many years. Another great contact I had was the president of the Ramstein Commodore Users group. Gaymond traveled all over Europe to all the bases and always had new supply of software and photocopies manuals.

Met a German Army soldier who lived right across the recreation center on base where the user group meetings were held. He was an excellent at cracking programs and wrote a few nice utilities in assembly (DirPrint and DirShuff). Shame I didn't speak German and his English wasn't good either. I obtained originals of Epyx Puzzle Panic and Impossible Mission and he had them cracked and to me in less than 24 hours.

I left Germany in late 1986 and moved to Central Illinois. Got my Amiga 1000 a few months later. In 1987 joined the United States Air Force. While at technical school in Texas I met a guy who was from California in FBR. What a small world it really is, he turned out to be another great source for software. AT&T Alliance teleconferencing and voice mail boxes were big for the next few years.

I continued mail trading (Netherlands, Texas & Michigan) for a couple of years, sending and receiving multiple packages weekly. So much the local postmaster asked for the canceled stamps on all of the packages. He was a big stamp collector in the little town of less than 3000 people or I would have been worried the man was after me :)

Hopefully you find something interesting on the disks.

My friend Soldier Boy recently gave me all of his floppy disks. Eventually I will get them archived and posted along with the rest of mine.

Enough of my ramblings...


Archive sets that are in this collection: