100,000 media images & The DLH Collection

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 A little before the end of last year (2011) we indexed and added the 100,000th disk image! That's over 99,000 d64's and a smattering of d81's and t64's. This year we'd like to finally work through the still imposing backlog of collections as well as introduce a couple new site features...   stay tuned.

 To celebrate we're posting the first part of The DLH Collection: you may know him as the admin of bombjack.org and hard working Commodore print media preservation guru, but he started building up his disk collection back in the 80's in both Germany and the US and has now gifted the scene with the first part of that collection as well as the story behind it. A small excerpt:

I continued mail trading (Netherlands, Texas & Michigan) for a couple of years, sending and receiving multiple packages weekly. So much the local postmaster asked for the canceled stamps on all of the packages. He was a big stamp collector in the little town of less than 3000 people or I would have been worried the man was after me...

 Read the rest here!

 Thanks from Elwix and Demonger to all hard working media rippers and to TMB for continuing to host a mirror of the SB files. Keep scene spirit alive!