First Mirror Online in Norway, Thanks to The MeatBall

‹posted by Elwix›


Less than a month and collectors can now find the image sets from a second mirror location in Norway, hosted/maintained by The MeatBall. If you prefer FTP or hail from Western hemisphere you may want to continue with the US source at SceneBase - but if you are European or would rather leech HTTP, please thank The MeatBall for his 15Mbit link. Note on the collections page there are now multiple links per file and location flags will help you decide your preferred provider. Mirror links are coming up and should be live for most or all sets soon.

A third mirror would certainly be welcome so if you'd like to help host a substantial portion of the SceneBase collections on either FTP or HTTP, please contact us.

Finally, a suggestion was made to provide a torrent of the image sets and this is something we will work on in the near future. Keep the feedback coming!