Two Weeks in Review, Mirror Hunt Continues...

‹posted by Elwix›


After the first two weeks of uptime we've served over 2,000 downloads and it appears the idea of a central directory of collection links has been welcomed. I'll throw the plea out once again for persons interested in mirroring some or all of the SB sets. The ideal situation is that you see two or even three different download links per set on the collections page, and that this site serves more as a means to lead collectors to the files than as a file host itself. At least that is Plan A... Plan B involves an army of goats uploading the sets to DepositFiles and MegaUpload every 3 months, and that's going to require much more clover than I have on hand at the moment. Step up and be a mirror! Allow me to task my small ruminants with more compelling activities!

Now let us respond to some other questions and suggestions from around the scene...

  1. Download limits? Yes, you can only connect 1 per IP and we limit bandwidth, because we couldn't anticipate demand and didn't want to be mauled by leech-a-philes. Now that we have some better idea of interest in the collections we'll adjust b/w to make sense for what we can endure (already doubled) and may let 2 connects per IP soon. But multiple persons have already taken the entire 4+ GB currently available so this really isn't a cause for craptalking.
  2. Better recognition for disk rippers and collection suppliers? Yes, we want to do this and the system supports that. In fact, it's designed to associate multiple "archived sets" (the individual files) under one "archived collection" (representing someone's total collection spanning several files). We'll try to fill in credits for what we can, when we can, and improve the collection associations over time. If you feel strongly about claiming or giving credit for any of the collections then send us a note with the details.
  3. Donations? No, we don't want your money yet. The sentiment is appreciated, thanks.
  4. Unified dir listing? Yes, you asked for it, now check the sidebar on the collections page for a link to a unified text directory listing over all of the current collection sets... enjoy!

Until next time, keep an eye on the recently added collections and keep scene spirit alive!