Want to help?

Thanks for checking! We'll continue to do the collection processing but if you want to lend some help here are the best ways at this time:

  • Rip & transfer your own disk collection. Post it somewhere! CSDb is as good a place as any, or you can contact us and arrange an upload. Everyone will appreciate the additional media preservation.
  • Send us links to any collections you see posted in odd places that we might miss (we keep an eye on Lemon64, CSDb, c64.sk, and some other obvious sites already).
  • Adopt some SceneBase archives and mirror them. You don't need to mirror the entire directory! Even a few files would help ensure speedy access and high availability. Only do this if you can provide a stable home for a long period of time via FTP or HTTP. Either download what you want to mirror then send us links, or if you intend to mirror a gig or more, then contact us to arrange a larger transfer (we'll push the collections to you at the highest possible speed).